Oktober 9, 2016 Wolfgang Schwarzmann

‚5062‘ – is running



*pjew* it’s done.

last weekend we (Melanie, Claudia, Laurin, Andrea and me), could build up the whole installation in two days. Everything worked quite well. In the beginning we had some small problems with „getting the sphere running“ but after we got some help of Tino Hager (via Internet-conference) we got the whole thing running. The official opening-ceremony will be in November, in Salzburg. You can take a look at the sphere 24h a day. It’s right in the „Bezirkshauptmannschaft“ in Salzburg (next to the Railwaystation, GPS coordinates are 47°48’53.1″N 13°02’37.1″E)

The whole project is a competition we (Melanie and me) won in January 2016. between the pictures is the concept written by Melanie.