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Fooling around with my 3D Printer | Prusa I3 MK2

Last day of christmas holiday. I was thinking about going over material borders.  Due to the still quite slow printing speed and expensive 3D-printing-material it defintily makes sense to reduce 3D-printing on connecting parts of for example a bigger structure. this is why i’m currently working on the connection to textile components. On the other 2 pictures you can see an attempt to print extreme thin and lightweight with an additional aluminiumlayer.


yesterday i found some time to develope this small clamp. currently it doesn’t hold anything except it self but at least it works and fits properly. the metalparts are just a normal M5 screw and bolt with an additional 3d-printed key. if you tighten the hexagonal key its impossible to remove the screw from the edding. no use for it, but very impressed that it works…

you can see:

-The 3D-Modell in Rhino-3d (Software)

-The „.iges“ File in Slic3er

-The sliced (an ready to 3D-print) file (with support structure

-The new clamp and

-the use of the clamp



Prusa I3 MK2

1 week befor Christmas the new „Prusa I3 MK2“ arrived. So since about 2 weeks i’m working on different small 3D-studies. Today i figured out how thin and „light-weight“ he can go. I’m very impressed by those smallscale-structures. A pity that my scale dosen’t measure under 1g…


‚drifting grounds‘

yesterday i could join an exhibition in Feldkirch, in the Villa Claudia. Together with other members of „KunstVorarlberg“ and the AIDS-Help-Vorarlberg we build up a quite nice setup.

Here’s the Link to the official Press-VLK:

Life Affairs in Feldkirch



‚5062‘ – is running



*pjew* it’s done.

last weekend we (Melanie, Claudia, Laurin, Andrea and me), could build up the whole installation in two days. Everything worked quite well. In the beginning we had some small problems with „getting the sphere running“ but after we got some help of Tino Hager (via Internet-conference) we got the whole thing running. The official opening-ceremony will be in November, in Salzburg. You can take a look at the sphere 24h a day. It’s right in the „Bezirkshauptmannschaft“ in Salzburg (next to the Railwaystation, GPS coordinates are 47°48’53.1″N 13°02’37.1″E)

The whole project is a competition we (Melanie and me) won in January 2016. between the pictures is the concept written by Melanie.


KunstVorarlberg 2016

currently… most of the time i’m working on „the sphere“ for the KunstAmBau project in Salzburg. we’re going to build up the whole thing in about one month. A few weeks after this KunstAmBau-thing, KunstVorarlberg is going to have an other exhibition in Feldkirch. Today i found some time to make a small scale-modell of the work i’d like to show… i’m already happy with the first impression altough its still a way to go.262_KunstVorarlberg_02

Hackathon #16

Last weekend I could join the „UmmaHüsla Hackathon 2016“ in Dornbirn. My goal was to program an Arduino computer so we’ll be able to steer our rolling Sphere. The Sphere will roll around in Salzburg for 4 Month. Of course most of those 4 Month I will be in Dornbirn. This is why the whole construction is going to respond to a GSM-Mobile-phone-Module. Some how I managed to program the whole thing that it will respond to Messages. The big advantage of this is that I’m going to be independent of any W-LAN, Firewall or anything else that could block my radio-controlled sphere.

Here You can see: the final product of the Hackathon