Le Table

One Table, 5 x 1m , 75cm high. 2 pieces of wood. made for „KunstVorarlberg“, to be seen at the „ArtBodensee2017“


currently i’m working on the upcoming ArtBodensee-Fair. We, KunstVorarlberg, are looking forward to a new concept for this year’s exhibiton. 2 Month to go…




Raspberry Pi 3

By accident i managed to get a Raspberry Pi 3. Even toug it’s only borrowed i really enjoy working on this small-scale machine. The HDMI-port  is very impressive i think. Well… currently i’m thinking about getting one permanently, but at first i want to get at least one or two ideas work.

Rapsberry Pi 3

Prusa i3 – nice one

pjew, today i made 2 very small objects. they measure about 15mm (per side) … but still, the screw fits perfekt…

tha plan was to make a dowel for a brickwall. tha gap is going to be about 15mm.

i’m still getting more impressed each time i use this machine…   🙂



yesterday i found some time to develope this small clamp. currently it doesn’t hold anything except it self but at least it works and fits properly. the metalparts are just a normal M5 screw and bolt with an additional 3d-printed key. if you tighten the hexagonal key its impossible to remove the screw from the edding. no use for it, but very impressed that it works…

you can see:

-The 3D-Modell in Rhino-3d (Software)

-The „.iges“ File in Slic3er

-The sliced (an ready to 3D-print) file (with support structure

-The new clamp and

-the use of the clamp



Prusa I3 MK2

1 week befor Christmas the new „Prusa I3 MK2“ arrived. So since about 2 weeks i’m working on different small 3D-studies. Today i figured out how thin and „light-weight“ he can go. I’m very impressed by those smallscale-structures. A pity that my scale dosen’t measure under 1g…


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