‚FreiBad°‘ at the IHM fair in munich

Last weekend we could join the „IHM“ fair in Munich with our FreiBad°.

In autumn 2015 Jodok (Felder Metall Andeslbuch) and me could enter the competition of HandWerk&Form in Andelsbuch with our wood heated bathtub.

The whole process was a lot of fun and being able to participate this fair in Munich makes it even better.

Looking forward to new projects…

VN, Newspaper 29. Feb. 2016:






well. this is some thing i’ve been thinking since about a year. today i finaly managed a small program to (more or less) randomly generate the shapes in a specific way (or at least in a shape as i want them to be). i really like the result.





Competition in Salzburg

pjew… the last two month without a post. this doesn’t mean that nothing happend. in those 8 weeks we moved in to a new… old house in Dornbirn. its about 130 years old and wasn’t in use for the last 13 years. This means quite a lot of dust to remove.

A week ago we (Melanie Greußing and me) won the competition for a „Kunst am Bau“ Project in Salzburg. It’s going to be an installation for 4 month. We’re quite happy and i’m sure that soon i’ll be able to show some more pictures. Here’s our proposal:  Jeee!



10.000 Unique copies | The „EFH-generator“

currently i’m working on a small project. it’s called the „Vorarlberger-Einfamilienhaus-generator“

you just have to enter a rectangle (for example the rhein-valley) and it will calculate the free space, divide it, place a cube (the living room with a second story), add a small garage (for 1 or 2 cars) and a additional room for kitchen etc. … it shall give a critical position about what architects (and others) design every day. 10.000 unique copies…



-Haus Robin-

currently we’re working on a small house in the middle of dornbirn. no money, only workforce. i think there’ll be more storys to tell…

u can see a Top-view of the kitchen.250_Robin


Handwerk und Form – Competition 2015 – done

this weekend we’ve had the „Handwerk&Form“ exhibition in Andelsbuch.

-I wrote about my bathtub already earlier.-

So, today i could take a look at all the other projects. Of course i would have prefered the first price… but i’m still happy, being able to participate a contest, starting in the same line with Peter Zumthor (he made a chair). The Handcraft-skills were really impressive (of all the projects!)

-and special thanks to my models – Vera, Andrea and Tobias. looking good

249_HuF_01 249_HuF_02

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