Hackathon #16

Last weekend I could join the „UmmaHüsla Hackathon 2016“ in Dornbirn. My goal was to program an Arduino computer so we’ll be able to steer our rolling Sphere. The Sphere will roll around in Salzburg for 4 Month. Of course most of those 4 Month I will be in Dornbirn. This is why the whole construction is going to respond to a GSM-Mobile-phone-Module. Some how I managed to program the whole thing that it will respond to Messages. The big advantage of this is that I’m going to be independent of any W-LAN, Firewall or anything else that could block my radio-controlled sphere.

Here You can see: the final product of the Hackathon






New Bench

since about 1/2 year i dry the wood that i’m going to use on upcomming projects in our house. Due to the fact that it should dry for at least half a year (or even longer) you should know where to place it, otherwise it will be in your way all day. so i decided to make a bench. looks good and makes a tidy room…IMG_4608

Working on the ‚5082 Tontauben‘-Project

today we could start the first working (scale 1.25) prototype of the sphere.

the next one will have to be 25x bigger. So in the end the sphere will be around 200cm in diameter and i’s going to have a weight of about 160kg. only the sphere. So, there’s still a long way to go.



since a few years i’ve had this idea on my mind… that some how… it should be possible to digitize my head… in this case at least my face. This weekend i found some time to get the whole thing done. i think the result is really impressive. I only had a digital camera, a laser and my laptop… and of course some time. but to be honest i didn’t think that it would work… wau!


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