-Haus Robin-

currently we’re working on a small house in the middle of dornbirn. no money, only workforce. i think there’ll be more storys to tell…

u can see a Top-view of the kitchen.250_Robin


Handwerk und Form – Competition 2015 – done

this weekend we’ve had the „Handwerk&Form“ exhibition in Andelsbuch.

-I wrote about my bathtub already earlier.-

So, today i could take a look at all the other projects. Of course i would have prefered the first price… but i’m still happy, being able to participate a contest, starting in the same line with Peter Zumthor (he made a chair). The Handcraft-skills were really impressive (of all the projects!)

-and special thanks to my models – Vera, Andrea and Tobias. looking good

249_HuF_01 249_HuF_02

DesignForum Dornbirn – PechaKucha-night

… the evening at the Designforum was big fun.

i could enjoy some interesting talks and meet a lot of new people. But i also was very happy that some of my friends came too… so they could see what i’m actually doing all weekends/night.

248_PechaKucha_01 248_PechaKucha_02

Handwerk und Form -competition-

Currently you can see our project, the ‚Frei.Bad‘ on this years Handwerk und Form exhibition in andelsbuch. Our wood-fired bathtub will be some where in andelsbuch next to Peter Zumthor’s Werkraumhaus. Its the first Handwerk und form exhibition since they finished the building.


the picture was taken by Adolf Bereuter.




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