let’s start

yesterday we could start with the demolition work of our building site in Mellau. it’s getting serious now. u can see the second day (after 9 month of planning)


and… still some pieces to develope….

Public cat

In my hometown, dornbirn, we have the so called „gemeindeblatt“. It appears every friday and contains all kind of usefull information about our town. In a few weeks we’re going to have our local elections… So currently there are a lot of laughing friendly people inside telling us about our future. A few month ago i got this idea that one day i’m going to buy a whole page and fill it with something i’d like to see in there. That’s what i’ve done a week ago. So… U still have 3days to buy one of 9000 limited artworks in dornbirn.

great that you are here

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