-i have no idea-

… what i’m going to do with it. but today, when i passed the saw-mill i had to ask Jakob (the owner) whether he could give me the middle piece of this trunk. it is a white fir and he’s going to sell it to a windowmaker, so i think the quality should be good. tomorrow evening i’ll be able to get my 5x1m piece of wood. … where to store, how much or why i bought it? i dont know….


a few month ago when i was building my kitchen i found out how simple it is to install a Ikea-stove. at that i time  already decided to add an electric plug to the whole construction (to keep it’s mobility guaranteed).  today i’ve fond the time to try out my new garden-cooking-sation.  it works perfect and there won’t be any more cooking-smell in my livingroom! jee!


last week we’ve had the chance to see the carpenters erecting a new building-system. u can see:

1) what they did on the first day

2) how they place a 8cm thin concrete slab (every ~4-5 minutes)

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