we ‚re helping to finish the Werkraumhaus. the opening ceremony is going to be in about two weeks. the building seems quite impressive to me.
another project is the Marte-Marte kindergarden in Lochau that should be finished in autumn i think….
U can see: the almost finished exterior of peter zumthors werkraumhaus
and some impressions of the Kindi


last week i’ve been invited to join the „redesign+“ award ceremony. With my „plant bag“ (in german i call them „Pflanztasche“ or as the Juryguy did „Wolfgang Bechtold… mit seinem… ähh.. Pflanz…sack…“)
i got a distinction. The whole evening was fun … well the moderation was quite poor … but all in all i was interesting.

Pillows for Peter

after i’ve moved from vienna to vorarlberg, i started to work at the Zimmerei Kaufmann again (as last summer). i really enjoy the work (and there’s more than enough i think). on the pictures u can see a few of the 95 components for 5 kindergardens in Ulm.
currently we’re making the acoustic ceiling of the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch, by Peter Zumthor.
What u can see:
– loading, fixing and transport of one component
-2 of 150 pillows
-my favorit: the doorlock of the 2,7 Mio. € building

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