struggling with the meat loaf

well… its always the same. 08:30, time to get their meat loaf. on the one side, they want it fast and warm, but on the other side no one wants to have a car that smells like a driving butcher-shop…

so i found a solution for (almost) every one.

Well… Karl-Heinz first said:“… nei, mit minam auto gosch nit, das richt denn jo wie a metzgerbus.“ so, afterwards when he saw me coming he complained „… die sind jo kalt bis do bisch…“  . so, next day i drove faster. „… i hean hüt 2 tot flüga dra kia, nimm n doch libr wieder mit ins auto ie… und tur s fenster uf…“

working on Zumthor’s site

a few days ago WE had to do some adaptations on the „Werkraum Haus“-site. The new building is being planed by Peter Zumthor (CH). I think it’s going to be an interesting project, already exciting in the very beginning. more to come…

=> u can see: the 1:1 mockup in andlsbuch

great that you are here

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