gimme some power

well…. time s passing by very fast. the glasshouse develops…

i already have some ideas about what to do after wards (hopefully every thing works fine). at least it it increases my motivation to go on. Jea!

u can see: my current idea… about taking some time off…

firing up my HotTub

a few days ago i finally could heat up my Forest-tub (for the first time). I don’t know whether you still remember my old post here on my blog (if u don’t HERE’s the link).

well.. in the beginning smoke wasn’t to rare… but the simple calculations worked out pretty well. after 50 minutes the tub was full with fresh spring water, after another hour the tub had it’s aim-temperature of 36° (10 minutes faster than i thought). i „fired“ to late on this day so it got dark early but at least the water was hot enough (after taking the bath my bottom too)

so… don’t sit in there all to naked.

great that you are here

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