movie maker

currently i’m trying to get my master-thesis-idea in to a handrawn clip so it will be easier to present. i think the whole time for presentation is going to be about 25 minutes… so it has to be quite simple and comprehensible.

struggling with my diploma

Well… there are always ups and downs in such a process. … anyway… the big advantage of a bottom-time is that it will have to rise again soon. and to be honest, the bottom isn’t that low as it could be.

So… i’m working on new Plant-bags. Due to the fact that here in innsbruck the market gardens don’t have any tomato plants in december ( what a pity) i had to use a basil (smells nice, looks goo and if he’ll survive… i’m going to eat him anyway).

there are still some points that make problems (just in our kitchen)

-the floor is now very slippery (=> that’s why there is this bowl underneath)

– the new „GoreTex“ membrane … don’t know, but i think the plants will dry out faster… because it is goretex (that’s what this kind of fabric is made for! hmm.. makes me think)

– yesterday the first bag… came down … big mess! medium fun.

but at least the whole process is amusing me… so that’s value enough.. i think


yesterday WE got our new glasses done. the limited „Cake-Glasses“ are available in 5 different colors and made from very light cardboard. u can wear them while reading a book, going out for a walk or like i do… all day long… without getting a headache.

Motto:“See the world through the eyes of a baker“

come to our workshop and get one!

also a very nice for christmas.

great that you are here

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