some photoshopping

On Thursday there’s going to be an introduction to the „Hochbau1 Prüfung“… so the idea of building my own house came into my mind … well… don’t judge it, i see it as some sort of photoshop-training. due to the help of Phillipp Schaerers lecture the whole process got much simpler.

u can see: a making-of-gif

and the final art-work

reflecting the way of how to go on

yesterday i’ve had my first „real“ (serious) review on what i’ve done already. Kathrin Asthe, co-founder of the LAAC architects , took some of her time to listen to my story. well… very very interessting! the wheel keeps on turning… even tough it now doesn’t move as round as it did before, but actually that’s what i wanted (needed)!

keeps fascinating-

u can see: … well … shapes i like to draw

… but nothing serious

hot tub

this project  started about a year ago… since the beginning a lot of time passed, but almost everything is prepared. so, winter can come… i’m just waiting for some snow to start the first hot tub. it will be a pleasure (or at least i hope so)

maybe u can remember… i allready wrote about it… 4 month ago:

great that you are here

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