interesting construction site

last week i spend a day in Bregenz.  My time table gave me a spare time of about 2h…. so i used the chance for taking  a closer look at the construction site of the new „Landesmuseeum“. very interesting concrete form work. the site foreman showed me how they manage such a complex and challenging project.

a nice one!

Lecture in the Cake-Faktory

On friday evening WE had the FELD72 architects from vienna in our workshop. Michael Obrist gave us a short (~2h) overview of what their office stands for and what they care about. very interessting. we were happy that quite a lot of people came to enjoy the lecture too. looking forward to the next one.

IKEA makes me think

today i just wanted to buy some glasses for our Tortenwerkstatt… so as is passed the child-area i found this …. thing. some how it shook my whole body… well… its almost what i did the last year and how funny its almost the same i’ve done 3 days ago, again. hmmm… i never saw it before  and i even couldn’t buy it. i don’t know but i think it would have had broken my heart apart. fascinating frustration. hrmm.

U can see:

the IKEA bag, and mine.

hanging gardens… in my room

today i filled the „bags“ i sewed yesterday. the gardener ( who soled me the herbs) told me about 3 times that they wont survive winter in our apartment and that its already to late to buy them (… even tough he would earn money with it). well… we’ll see… at least the lavender gives a fresh taste to my room.

"Feld 72" Lecture + Tortenblatt11 release

WE’re happy to tell you that in about 2 weeks time the „Feld72“ architects will give a talk in our workshop. so, as u may know entrance is still free. Looking forward to a nice and interessting lecture.  for more information u can also take a look at the new „Tortenblatt“.

great that you are here

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