work s going on

i really enjoy the bregenzer wald. interesting.

feel free to visit me and my bauwagen. i stand right next to carpentry.

u can see:

first: while i drilled a hole i found out that there already was a nail in. i made a small hint for the one who has to screw them together… so he’ll choose the right one.

second: no photoshop, just merged the panorama. weather 3 minutes after a hailstorm.


today we’re invited to a 50’s birthday…. i had this idea a few weeks ago. now i’ve got the chance to try it out. u can see: the sketch i did to ask in shops whether i could borrow a hand for a few hours + the hand


a year ago i’ve got a wonderful old bath tub. well since then she had to stay in our garden but yesterday i finally managed to finish the foundation work in our wood (thats where she’ll find her final place to stay). i already got a natural fount for the water supply. a photo is going to come up next.

u can see: the construction plan + visualization

great that you are here

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