ExArch M

… last week starts tomorrow. the requested output is quite high. so its nearby to show something of my current projects.
u can see the „Gezeiten-haus“… a steel structure moved by the rising and falling water of the sea.

Toilet Printer

well… i wanted to print a Panorama-photo but didn’t have paper that would have been large enough… so i looked around and found the right thing on our toilet. it worked very well… the printquality is good i think, but its important to choose the 3ply-paper.

holzbaupreis 2011

So, after about 24h of body-recreation i’m able to do a short post.

i think i wrote about this project already … twice.

now it’s over.

The „vorplatz-gestaltung“ for the Wood-Construcion-prize in Vorarlberg.

WE got asked by THEM to do some thing in front of the AmBach building in Götzis where they made the final handover of the award. Everything went good. we couldn’t influence the weather  (the short thunderstorm was a pity) however the party was quite nice.

Our Team was super and the other craftsmen were too. The only thing we were surprised was the really huge amount of wood (3 trucks + trailer) we ordered.

big challenge, big satisfaction

.o °O

yesterday was a nice day. after some satisfying hours at our university i picked up a train and rode home to Dornbirn. in those 2,1h of sitting i had few to think about. So i unloaded my mind by drawing what i was thinking about…  even more  .o °O


yesterday WE had a „Hochbau1“ exam. I got the delightful job of supervising the whole thing. i lasted for 8,5 hours. in some quiet moment i tried to read something but gave it up a second later. at least i managed to do a small drawing.

pretty tiring.



on Sunday i did this small project in our garden. I already saw similar ideas a few times but never with watercolor…. and never built up by my self.

I have to say it’s a fascinatin process. We live in a time where you can buy energy-tea and 48h deodorants. Keeping this idea in my mind i regarded the brush floating over the sheet of paper for about 3 hours.

about 80% of the time he didn’t paint… i think that’s what made the whole action worth watching. The fact that he could make a stroke every moment but didn’t do it…

in my eyes, very thrilling.

great that you are here

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