Still 4 weeks left for this project. Tomorrow we’r goingt to have our mid-term-review. i think i’m going to present via webcam, directly out of my book…. some how there’s everything in it. we’ll see.

u can see: some shapedefining sketch + the orientation of the whole thing.

Banana Museeum

the work goes on, some how.

today i had the desire to draw a Banana-truck (…for four hours). hmmmm i don’t know whether it will make the final concept better but at least i’m satisfied with the result.

so… while i think about it… isn’t exactly that the reason why somebody should study architecture? some sort of character-development … without having to think about the final result all the time …

job complete

yesterday passed by very fast. after 9h of exam my mind was quite exhausted. i think it should work.

due to the fact that we had to deliver the final work as digital file i keep the scans on my usb stick and can show at leats to sketches.


Tomorrow is going to be my last (i hope so) written exam. so, the last days were learning intense. anyway this evening i’ve got the feeling that its enough and did what was on my mind a few month already. directly in front of my window passes the tram to „Kreith“, some small village behind a mountain. so i got on board and enjoyed 2h of passing landscape. the route was surprising „Off-road“ and the architecture surprising ugly but that’s not the reason why i did this move. all in all i have to say definitely 5€ worth.


today i found some time again to go on with my „banana-museum“ … hmmm „Bananen Museum“ in German sounds much better i think. anyway… i did a sketch to get a feeling about the possible size and found out that i’m gonna make it about 3 times smaller and simpler. its all about Bananen

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