back again

5 days a go my hard drive decided to break down. … due to my extra (expensive) quality guaranty a Dell guy came 24h later to visit me in my flat and exchange the „old“ hard drive. so now i’m suffering of a lack of … all most everything digital. but i think it is important to get independent…
computer is okay but should only be a tool. i see it as hint to refocus on analog processes.
u can see:
my laptop (i’m sorry but i don’t have any photo retouch tools…. its the pure web cam picture)


the biggest task this therm dealing with is called „HochbauM“. you have to develop some sort of architecture including a technical trick. i really miss some sort of textile architeure in our environment ( if u ask me those white high-tension-plastic-tents aren’t textiles in its classical meaning)
thats why i’m sewing, knitting and weaving since a few weeks all sorts of objects. today i’m that satisfied with my passed work to do a small preview upload.

last week three of my friends (tobias – Bass-man, Martin – guitar, markus – chair) and me were playing in my kitchen. i was surprised nobody did complain (it was between 22:00 and 01:00).  i think this is going to happen more often in future.

great that you are here

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