pollution thru light

a few days ago we’ve had a lecture out side the university.  to provide the lecturer with a beamer i took one from our institute. i’ll had to bring it back on the next day … so there still remain some dark hours no body needs the machine. except me


today we’ve had a workshop lead by tobias klein, dietmar koerig (Studio horhizon) and shajay bhooshan ( Zaha Hadid Architects). Yesterday evening all three did a short lecture with a discussion, very interessting!

we started at 0900 in the morning until now (about 1700). a intense day but i have to say i did learn more than the last 2 or 3 weeks.

u can see : the output of this day


today a lot of administration tasks kept me busy. actually i had to struggle all day long to get some time for what i really want to do. it’s a small book we have to present tomorrow… when some time was left i was gathering informations about what to put in the book :-p but finally at 10  p.m. i could start on my laptop with bringing all things together.

currently the final version is drying from printing. but i already took a picture of my first prototype :

thats it

today i finally got the email from the university that the whole bachelor process is now completely (i mean really 100% ) done. after weeks of collecting signatures and grades the result came today at 17:30 via email.

a nice one, done.

currently there are a lot of different projects i’m dealing with. in one week there will be a short lecture about the „Hochbau 1 Prüfung„. so i’m gonna go on collecting information for the students. but i think in the up coming days i’ll gonna have some more time to give an other more interesting post.

=> u can see:

My bachelor project grinning at the new button on my university-account

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