cultural intercourse

yesterday in innsbruck two guys from italy did a concert. i was thinking about going there since about 1 week , i thenk they (Gianni Coscia & Gianluigi Trovesi ) sound really great!

it was just too expensive  but due to a nice happening i could sell my fish (i painted him the night before) to the ticket girl and so i did get the chance to enjoy the last 40 minutes of the concert.

… i really liked the fish, but i think it is very exciting to get this sort of exchange. doing a paint job for some music.

… but… i really liked the fish!

(the photo was done with my mobilephone to have some sort of documentation)

my new singer

after about 2 years of intense searching, today i found her. i stood up at 8 o clock in the morning preparing for a short visit to the flea market. well… i was thinking about a sewing machine but the best thing i could imagine was some small thing i may place on my working table.

i allready saw two of  those usual ones… but then there was this guy from egypt… with three of those machines. after a few minutes of inspection and a short electrical test everything was clear and now i can call her my property. wonderfull

starting a new term

Today, Monday, i already survived the first week of the up coming winter term 2010/11.  In the beginning it is always very messy but after a few weeks the whole thing is going to clear up.  I’m going to do the „Hochbau Master“ exercise this year what is going to be the most time consuming part. I already have some ideas on my mind but nothing worth showing here.

What have i done the last weeks? One of my last projects was drawing circles. I don’t think a circle is a very inventive thing to draw but after some intense debate i got hit by its most simple and complete appearance. i don’t want to write too much about why i’m doing what but if  somebody s going to respond to me  i can give him or her a short lecture about the circle and it’s qualities.


after one weekend in Lausanne (CH) i’m back again. we (the band Times New Roman ) were playing on a Byclicle-express-race. It was a lot of fun. My friends and all the other guys and girls were really friendly and funny. On Sunday morning they build up a „Jacuzzi“ directly at the harbor site. fun for us and the tourists….

great that you are here

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