new handy App

last days i was working on some sort of Handy app. from now on i can shot photos and record videos trough a 35-70mm Revuenon Lens. it was a bit tricky, so to get the whole thing running i even drew some CAD-Plans. currently i’m allready cutting the first video.

the only problem i’m still facing is that at moment the mobile phone get applyed with doublesided Tape… my mother called me while i was taking a video in Dornbirn…

emergency drill

yesterday i joined the practice-day of the alpine rescue service. we ( 4 people of the life-saving federation ) were the persons injuried. i was very impressed how the got me out of that crack where i lay in water.  After waiting about 1,5 h on the land i saw the first rescue guy => i swam into position.  even thouhg they found me fast i had to stay quite long in the very, very refeshing mountain water. anyway.  the whole day was good fun and i’ve found some new friends. a nicce one.


summerholidays passsing by. allready trying to get warm again with habbits i used to have. monday i visited the library getting some interessting book and now i’m pushing up some Wacom skills again. my brother gave me some very good tipps.
just scribbling arround


after some weeks of intense training two friends of mine convinced me to use the new strength in some sort of competition. The route isn’t new to me (actually it’s my normal training route) but i never did it in competition to others. weather s good, my moood to. looking forward to show some photos of the whole thing.

heres the official HP

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