currently the whole situation is very exhausting. its raining almost all day long. my feet get wet at 7 a.m. when i go to work by bike and stay it all day long. water is dripping trogh every part of the house and my clothes soak up every thing i reach. end of week four (means everybody kows how to shout your name). but enough moaning.

i learn a lot,get to know some very interesting characters and i have to say , physical work,  definitly better for your body than just sitting in a office chair all summer long.



i really enjoy work on the building site. some how it is very motivating and interessting. a german guy said : „hart aber herzlich“ -100%-

i dont get payed for over-hours … so tomorrow well be free friday.  Frei Freit-tag.

but still try to use the remaining time for some other things…


big tv

yesterday evening i’ve got the idea of this picture in my head (while my sister was watching some football on the tv). some how luckily i even could get it almost that way it was on my mind. i would have prefered one or two meters higher. anyway


summer work

curretnly theres not much happening worth talking or writing about. weather is often perfect … that mens 10h working on some dusty concrete plate… no wind but at least 35° plus some direct sun-strokes. maybe some guys can deal with that… i dont …

-brain is mud

-body is read


finaly done

the whole Bachelor-theater things s complete now. the exhibition started on thursday evening 01-07-2010. even though i could keep uo with my timetable the end got intense. i think some how its important to get a sort of exhausted if u really work on a project for about a year. anyway.

Now i’m allready working on a building site. its very interessting and funny to see how a building … gets build. concrete is coming on thursday. au jau

u can see:

my bachelor-Box , plus one panorama of my whole exhibiton site.



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