today i finally found some time to do what i head in my mind already a long time. its not a new  but the idea of  printing the structure of wood fascinated me for a long time.

the series contains about 20 Prints but i think ther ‚ll come more.



Yesterday i asked a friend how often he changes his t-shirt. Well.. he toled me that now when it gets warm again he takes a fresh one everyday. anyway how often i change mine i got the idea that it would be interessting to write down how often u wash/wear a shirt.

So today i started with the first Date in first line. It’s its birthday, the 22. April 2010



today i finished the work of yesterday. On Sunday i read in a book that if u want to increase your creativity it’s importand to keep your visions in front of your eyes.  I started thinking about some wires on my white wall… . after some time i tought that this may be a solution. evenen if i didnt us the whole wall its okay. i think.

i like it, that’s enough. Now i just have to fill it with my composition :-p


new tool

today some delivery-service brought me my new Intuos 4 Tablett…. i was thinking about one allready about half a year (i already have one from „Medion“ uhaaaa nogo). last week i was talking to my brother who really recomended me to buy one. i’m allready trying to do some … drawing… things… with it…

but i think ill have to spend some more time with it jeje

anyway heres allready one of the first productions hihi


great that you are here

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