What is Architecture?

A very interesting discussion… that brought out thousands of theorys.

welll, i don’t have an answer. i even don’t try to get close to any possible solution.


what ist type? I think u never can find a solution but at least i can dream some hours..



Time out

today ’s the second day of our 2week-easter holidays. Last weeks were … very intense and sometimes frustrating. But maybe this are the weeks u grow the most…

anyway, now i’m goint to focus back on projects i wanted to work on a long time ago. re-sharpening the knife.

01.jpg 02.jpg

what for?

last week was full of Architecture-Theorie 2 (including the exam) and helping on preparing the presentation of some diplompresentations. but now i’ve found some time again to work on my own projects.

u can see the first prototype of my walking theater. made from polysytrene. and some other parts


current culture?

last week i visited the new Shopping center „Kaufhaus Tyrol“ that opened just few weeks ago. White, new, clean and bright. Some how i felt more like in a zoo. Every were people. Big, small, young , old. Everybody with the important mission to consume and buy some Product he found seconds ago. The human being, hunters and gatherers, collection new Products that it may need in a time where our live quality is at a level as never before.

Some how most of the security’s started staring at me just because i was staring at some those sapient without consuming. Is this what we really long for?


great that you are here

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