10 days later

nothing more happended. in the mean time i was a bit ill, some days healthy and some time wired. in my sparetime i’m working on differnt ideas that were waiting some time alllready. most of them just have some value to me (thats more than enought i think ) but nothing worth showing here.

the little sketch deals with the current situation… world is just turning on…. and on….


It’s over now

so i finaly arrived yesterday at 00:00 in my home town. My body slowly recreates from a lack of sleep. It was a journey full of impressions, storys and some new friends.  Jippi ai hou. Worth 100% at least!


(it takes a few seconds to load, it’s a gif file)




today after lunch we went to see the Ankara-National museeum. first thought“…euwh….hope there will be som buttons we may press…“ but then it turned out as complete freak show. one quite big room full of really nice and wired sculptures. so funny. i did about 100fotos… in one museeum… anyway worth taking a look at. defenitly

ak27.jpg ak28.jpg




yesterday evening we returned from cappadocia. A very fascinating trip to those cave houses. due to some trouble in the hotel i didn’t get the chance to post something yesterday. anyway it was amazing.

ak19.jpg ak20.jpg



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