support structure 2 exam

today we wrote our Wood and Steel construction Exam what means days of big pain.  I hope they are sattisfied (what I am, currently)

Title for the picture i added in German:

„… leise waren die Hilferufe

aber dennoch allgegenwertig…“


open mic

yesterday evening we joined the Open-Mic-evening at the Galway bay in innsbruck. Thomas did the guitar, Tobias should have done the harmonica (did some e-bass) and i took my Melodika.  Untill a guy came who toled me that he just wrote a new song for the Melodika.




yesterday another group of students finished their projects including presentation.

compared to other days quality is rising a bit (i think), good and less good work appears. I don’T mind.

but why was she taking all those photos…


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