New advantages in Rhinomodelling. This house got build with full history record.  The trick: if you transform the 4 loftcurves /the shape on the right side, the object on the left side will adapt immedeatly. And so does the supporting structure. in the first example i applied a honeycom-Fassadsystem, in the second one i just took intersecting lines.

For shure it was a bit tricky, but i really like the idea of responding structer linked to the shape.



Already since a few Months (i think about 8 or so) i had the idea of a Drawing machine. I never realy worked on building one but played with the idea of how i would construct it and what sort of pictures it should draw. Anyway today i made my first practical stepps closer to a real machine. I like the first results and want to keep the project. Even if those first pictures look very random (infact the are absolute random) they’ve got a special way of strength and tention.

U can see: the signature of the Machine ( self drawn), a nice circle + the u tube video, how i look s in action.

http://wolfgang.bechtold.athttp://wolfgang.bechtold.at"zeichenapparat_portrait.jpg" zeichenapparat_signatur.jpg

Klink on this YouTubeLink 


Today we had our ExArch midreview. The performance included 3 A1-Papers + one construction modell. Its all about a big treehouse @ rainforest in Southamerica.  Worked quite well.

At moment there is only on in high resolution. but i’d like to upload the other 2 in future. greets



Interior and Design…. done

Today i delivered my final Interior Map. all in all it hat 24 Pages + 1 CD with 80MB of Data. You can read it like a book with pages or fold it out to 6.6meters of black and yellow graphics. Quite tricky was the idea of folding. a normal bookbinding would have had made a direct contrast between printed frontside of a paper and the white backsite of the previous page. So the now choosen Layout and binding is quite smooth.

iud-1.JPG iud-0.jpgiud-2.JPG


Halou again!

today some time was left ( from 0800-1000 a.m.) so Thomas and me did a little graphic competition.  u can have a look at their site: Guitarr-site

i thought that such an instrument is a real artwork with the precission like a swiss clockwork. that s all :-p


Go on

So at moment improovin maya and Rhino skillz. come toujours.

a friend of mine  recomended to start scripting in Rhino. The lines of an electric field would be easier to generate. So… here go, still 3 days left untill the Maya book should arrive.


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