Interior and Design

Today i was working on the so called „interior and design“ exercice and could finish my structural compunds. Further steps: The presentation of the Product (here it will be a Völkl Ski) and the graphic integration in the whole system + Light simulations and studdies.  Well but at moment im quite sattisfied with the Modell (and to compare a 3D Modell, renderd in Rhino) au jau. and it goes on.



hicking cookie monster

yesterday we had a very nice autumn day. sunny, not too hot and not too windy, so i could persuaded my sister and convince cookie monster to do some hicking. At fist he really grumbled but when we reached our goal he was very sattisvied with the view.

additional i have to say that he did all the way on his own, no carrying or holding hand


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