12 hours later

hmmm don’t know if any body will be interssted in my improving mind. anyway, don’t think u have to save the whole world :-p.  So fix your limit and sail close to the wind.  do more and the ship will capsize. no mater if u try hard. So dont let you get down and start another day with fresh sleep.  enjoy the new add


Solid Steel

still working . No new things to show or tell. anyway everythings quite fine and the workflow is good. At moment working on an „Retirement Castle“, an Architecture Contest in Dornbirn, a design Contest @ Salzubrg and the tuning of a Church at bregenz. Lots of interessting things. C ya next time.


one 4 u

holidays pass on, work does too. At moment wor woring on a competition how to improve your town. well to be honest , can’t show you interesting things. anyway this weekend took some photos at my hometown’s industiral quarter. still more to come already 23:29

good night123.gif


working at an architects site certainly improoves your computer sklills. and what i really enjoy is that you (most of the time) have enought time. Working on 5 pictures for about 1 1/2 days. au jau

compare the first 2 pictures. before and after


Summer break

jea, sorry for no new news. anyway at moment im working at an architects office drawind som plans and measuring up some houses. if i’m working fine from time to time a litle rendering comes out of my laptop.  yesterday done some Sposoringwork for the local „Szene Openair“ @ Lustenau. So if you want 2 VIP tickets call me or send me a email i don’t have any use for them.  http://www.szeneopenair.at/

c ya next time

PS: The rendering is just a little preview, no need for fear, still to improove


great that you are here

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