2 Weeks later

Workshop finished, worked nica. My brother s going to marry so a lot of administrative work till friday. Anyway i dont sleep so u can see my new old Plotter given to me by a friend. The bought a new one so heres the „old“ had to weld a new on off switch, change the input cabel ( hes not build for USB 2.0 :-p and my computer doesn’t have a 36 pin Parallel plug in)  and 2 new cartridges … well they are still shipping. herego letz make a nice plote au jau

c ya


+ a little „WIFI building“ impression


Fabrication intelligence Part II. day 2

Year, late @ night , tired and the modell collapsed… but i don’t really mind about it , tomorrow it should work. anyway a lot of fun and knowledge. good night good fight

xtra: the Video ist at 100% speed, not fast not slower. I think if a squirell could be a machine … it would be a laser cutter.

great that you are here

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