Au jau!!! midnight review

So every thing comes to an end… even „the Point“.  herego.

on the pictures u can see how those cards look, how our working place looks at 6:30 am ( with mario an thomas), how thomas looks, one day  after no night and a close up of the cool Pre-Test stamp


jear II.

so uhuuuu hands shaking, face white, just strange. Tomorrow at 10 o clock the plane to oslo starts so … well donow what to do.. hmmm maybe i… okei.. i’ll work a bit on our project… nothing else to do… since weeks uhaaaaa sexy!



The project „The point“ (already since now 1 year ) is coming to its end. on friday the exhibition starts infront of prof thorsen’s office in Oslo-harbour.  Anyway time gets short, sleep less and nerves few. Good night , good fight


2 Weeks

Last two weeks, no Internet, no cell phone, no irritation, just developing a new project. Prof Gienke went with us @  Portugal , Some where very quite.  Still work to do but at least 90% is done . first renderings are coming up. Just hang on, More to come.

Now going to fill up a big lack of sleep ( the last 4 days… about 8 hours )


2 of the beach, 2 of my project

great that you are here

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