Gimme some plastic foil

Jear, time has come! My old moneybag has to leave now. the terry cloth is bold and the white has turned to a old dirty gray. My new purse is made from truck tarpaulin. Nice sewing work but she really has the parts and pockets i need. Just as much as  needed, as little as possible. Hope u like it, so do i!



No, it didn’t work. This gold in the headline… i thought about 30 Minutes about possible , impossible and other sollutions. I even tried to scrape it of. Now its about 10 cm shorter, and about 40 Points better. new placed header works much better than it did before.  Nicaaa


Lightfusion reactor

Tomorrow the „Die katze auf dem heißen blechdach“ exhibiton starts. my binarywatch is certainly quite nice, but one fault! first the Title was all black => make it better with more gold => about – 20 Points of 100. well nhttp://wolfgang.bechtold.atot every hint is a count.


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