So today i wonn a bet. Prof. Giencke  (those who don’t know him look at: ) placed a bet… that my wonderfull table will carry me, but not him… so i had to make the deal…

tha trick s that it’s just bulit with one door , 3 chairs and 3 tension-belts. So for transport you just need the tension belt, because if you want a table thats high enough for a chair, there must be more, and where a chair is, there should be a door too.


Sketch about the idea, how it looked in real and the 3rd is a document that confirmed the deal



so, to be honestthe last few days were quite intensive. tomorrow a lot of things to present, today a lot of things to make ( => tomorrow presentation). but today while waiting on someone at the so called „institute for experimental architecture.hochbau“ i saw those chairs… and i had to stack them. so, just a little peak performance.


green concrete

Today you get the fresh pictures of my recent concrete and wood work. First one is a special wood-concrete, quite plant freindly so the test-grass is growing. the second one is an old piece of wood that will get green again.

the third one  ar my new 4 freind, maybe you still know them from an older post. now their apperance gets pushed and i hope in a few weeks they will have funky green heads.

the 4th one is an older work. Just a little stencil. I really like the composition of rough wood, chainsaw and the used look after about half a jear.


4th Day

So in 1 1/2 h the final event starts. Jear, not too much sleep an funky idea this morning makes it all complete. So, here we go!



Normal connection and the „solved Knot“, doesn’t look that fancy but was quite a bit step


3rd Day

So we developed some ideas…

a lot of hand work, just a few renderings in Laptop.

The first picture, Idea: no curved parts, just different angles.

The second picture: Use of a ripp-construction

3rd : how to find the right curvaqture

4th: a double curved construction. This is where we’r now… keep on

11.jpg blend_one.jpgitty-gritty3.jpg2ways_4.jpg

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