Tell it louder

I’ve always had the problem that my wonderfull singing ist to quiet. The Solution: a megaphone. Between my nice songs there allways was that ugly calmness so the megaphone got the Fisher-Price update and now ohhhh how beautifull, we can listen to old cassettes and an other upgrad to MP3’s direkt from my laptop (via Audio in). How nice, Sunday morning , smell of coffee, fresh bread, 10 a.m. and this chiling sound mix feat me and … Coldplay, Air and with the Megaphone @ max Prodigy.

dsc_0165.JPG dsc_0166.JPG

Reach the goal

So it’s done, 2 semester’s in one. In 9 Minutes the so called orientation ( alias the First Term ) party starts what means that it found it’s end. I have to say the last 4…5 Weeks were quite hard and Christmasholidays weren’t that chilling … but at least 95% off this mess are over now jeje. Now i’m looking forwart to an all-normal 4th Term. So a few works still to finish  but all in all  im very glad and … tired!

C ya


Go have a look

Well a week a go i had a look @ Kunsthaus Bregenz. They offered „PETER ZUMTHOR  Buildings and Projects 1986 – 2007 “ and it was really interesting. The KUB-warden weren’t very amused about my D-80 and me, but i allready had seen everything and thought well the last few moment don’t mather so lets make some pictures :-p

hope u like i.. still have more


Anyway he was the best! He really had an evil eye on me.



Jeje if it would work now you could see some pictures in a small galery of my last Stencil workshop. A few people asked me to make a „creative afternoon“ well i took what’s my best. My brother made quite nice dioramas. No more time to loose, more pictures will follow!!! sry


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